The Love Life Lupus Foundation works to inspire and inform utilizing Lupus based research to help improve the quality of those affected by Lupus and auto-immune disease.

Love Life Lupus Foundation is dedicated to deepening the country’s commitment to supporting and bringing awareness to the importance of integrating natural and traditional methods of treatment, while educating those who suffer from its brutal impact on ways to improve their quality of life. Our mission is to inspire, educate and innovate utilizing the results of the latest Lupus based research.

Our vision is to leave an imprint that will allow people to live better and longer; ensuring that research moves toward a Naturopathic direction augmented by conventional medicine, building a team of leaders dedicated to that cause and the community at large.

“The lifecycle of Lupus will break”-Dr. Latonya Bias

Understanding Lupus


Lupus It Chose Me Podcast

Help us raise awareness! Hear people just like you experience living life to the fullest with Lupus. View candid conversations with the founder Dr. Latonya Bias, healthcare professionals and friends on loving life while living with the challenges of auto-immune disease. Join the conversation! Stream now on: Apple, Spotify, You-Tube, Instagram, and Facebook. Like. Share. Subscribe.

The podcast is made possible through the generosity of your financial support.

Be a light this Valentine’s Day❤️ for the Love Life Lupus Annual Funding Campaign

Help us kick this off with lots of Love by donating $20 or more February 1st -28th. Your donation will help increase Lupus awareness to those who live with Lupus and their caregivers. Please donate today!

We Love Life Tuesdays

Tuesday is humbling so remember to help people with the “Monday Blues” have a Love Life Lupus Day. Donate $20 or more and tell a friend or a family member about Lupus. Your donation will help increase Lupus awareness to those who live with Lupus and their caregivers. Please donate today!

Lupus Awareness Month “MAY”

Join the growing number of individuals, organizations, communities, and celebrities during Lupus Awareness Month, who are calling attention to the impact of Lupus, urging people to donate $100 or more and get involved.


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