Lupus gained public attention in 2015 after the singer Selena Gomez announced she received a diagnosis in her late teens and underwent treatment for the condition. Since then progress around addressing issues to improve quality of life in absence of a cure has been encumbered.

As of 2019, after intentional research Love Life Lupus Foundation is seeking researchers across the world that are encouraging a more natural path in helping to save a life. It is our aim for researchers to conduct and investigate the unidentified impacts of Lupus and how to end its cruel effects. Large Lupus foundations across the world have reported years of results in Lupus treatment and drug development therefore suggesting that a different approach is needed. Love Life Lupus is taking a new approach, investigating what is not working while examining a Naturopathic approach to uncover and solve the causes of Lupus.

Naturopathic is the precise study of the causes and consequences of a disease. The two major components of Naturopathic are anatomical studies of structure and function at levels ranging from the whole organism to the sub-cellular level, and laboratory techniques and procedures to analyze bodily fluids. The Love Life Lupus Foundation aims to engage 21st century leaders inspired by God with a plan to support Natural pathology research, expand the current research, educate, and treat the public.

Your time with a Naturopathic is exquisite. Here are some tips to make the most of it!

  • Take note
    Have a pad and pen to take down what you will need to do daily until the next visit
  • Ask Questions
    Make a list of your symptoms prior to seeing a Naturopathic doctor. Bring cash or plan to pay using your FSA or United Health Care as most naturopathic doctors do not accept health insurance plans.