Love Life Lupus Foundation is dedicated to deepening the country’s commitment to supporting and bringing awareness to the importance of integrating natural and traditional methods of treatment, while educating those who suffer from its brutal impact on ways to improve their quality of life. Our mission is to inspire, educate and innovate utilizing the results of the latest Lupus based research.

Our vision is to leave an imprint that will allow people to live better and longer; ensuring that research moves toward a Naturopathic direction augmented by conventional medicine, building a team of leaders dedicated to that cause and the community at large.

“The lifecycle of Lupus will break”-Dr. Latonya Bias

LaTonya Bias, PhD
LaTonya Bias who is the CEO and Founder of Love Life Lupus Foundation Inc. is a victim of this deadly disease but strives for a cure.

She was diagnosed in 2010. Through the establishment of this foundation Mrs. Bias can share the challenges she is faced living every day with the effects of Lupus. Not only that, she has a passion for change.

Her journey of misdiagnosis, ineffective treatment coupled with a plethora of various prescribed medications has led to decades of frustration. She noticed that while many Lupus organizations for years have made great strides in raising awareness, her desire is to help ensure that those who live with Lupus can choose a path toward a high quality of life in spite of the disease. Mrs. Bias has authored a book entitled “Lupus Chose Me” and “CBD and Marijuana: How it affects Lupus” and produces products (Haircare /Multivitamins) and she has chosen to fight for alternative methods of treatment to help people with an autoimmune disease.